Weekly musical appearances                  

Wednesday 8-12 open mic at My Bar

Rock Star...Singer...Songwriter...Guitarist...Bandleader

DJ...Karaoke MC...Artist...Teacher...Guide

Kelly Does it all...

And She Does it in Kona

I'll be your rock star, your diva, your queen...


This is my official website, featuring my music and my other artistic endeavors. From tie dye to oil to acrylic on canvas, natural fiber, and glass... crochet pieces custom made from your ideas and mine... hand painted trucker hats... personalized clothing items. I will be showing all my wares here...... La-dee-da-dee-da... I am a singer, its what I was born to be. I make pretty things, and would love to share, and sell of course, those things here on my website. But honestly this is ultimately about me singing for you. I hope you will follow the links to hear (and see) live performances as well as more sophisticated recordings, and I hope you like what you hear!

I believe the best thing you can do for yourself and those you love is to chase your JOY! Find that thing that ignites your passion and pursue it ferociously. Never listen to those who try to dissuade you. Your dreams are yours for a reason. Attack them, attain them, and flaunt them like fine jewelry.