Equipment List

We have a lot of gear. For the complete story, look to the left for sound, or see below for lighting.

non DMX controlled Lighting
Chauvet Comet multicolor 
x 1

Quad-colored effect light generates crisp beams that cover the entire room
Great, sound-activated effect with or without fog
Contains a rotating array of high-powered red, green, blue and white LEDs

Motor spins in both directions to create a cool swirling effect
Coverage angle: 90°
Light source: 4 (1 red, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 white) 1W (330mA) LEDs 50,000 hours

Micro Star Red and Green Laser  x 2
produces more than 200 beams of red lasers and green laser star patterns that will project on the ceiling, walls, and dance floor.

Starlight 7 Color Water Effect X 3

Remote RGB LED Water Wave Ripple Effect Stage Light

Chauvet Fog machine-Hurricane 700 x 2
puts out 1,500 cubic feet of fog per minute.  Just enough fog to make the lights look even better…
1 by one Ground Fogger
Low lying ground fog for floor effects

 The Light Show

10 foot lighting truss x2

10 ‘ Truss, or independent tripod and t bar setups; Free Standing in either configuration x 2

Lighting Tree x3

variable height tripods with 2 arms and T-bar top

Moving Head LED Spot Light x4

4 CONTROL MODE: DMX512, Master Slave, Sound Active and Automatic, 100,000 Hours Lifespam
COLORFUL MULTI-PATTERN: Colorful Patterns, Perfect Output Effect

DuaFire Stage Par Lights x7

CHAUVET DJ OBEY40 Universal DMX Light/Fog Machine Controller

Programs and individually controls lights

CHAUVET DJ Mini Kinta x2

Projects bright, colorful beams using high-power red, green, blue and white LEDs

Amazplay Stage light

Projects bright, colorful beams using high-power red, green, blue, orange, yellow, purple and white LEDs


4-channel DMX-512 blue and green effect laser

Stationary Spot Lights x2

Combines red, green & blue lights in a large spot

CHAUVET DJ Abyss  LED Water Effect Light

Eye-catching, LED effect light simulates a multicolored water effect

Kelly Does Kona LLP Sound and Lighting Equipment List and Specifications:

Mackie Onyx 24/4 Mixing Board:

24-channel/4-bus premium analog mixer designed for live sound
Onyx microphone preamps with class-leading fidelity and dynamic range on every channel
4-band Perkins EQ on every channel for warm, musical sound
6 x 2 Matrix Mixer provides two additional mixes for monitors, etc.
Assignable stereo compressor/limiter designed by THAT
Giant 12 segment LED ladders for main output and compressor/limiter
6 aux sends with pre/post switching
2 dedicated stereo channels
100mm Panasonic faders on all channels, groups, and mains

Mackie ProFX8 Mixing Board
Analog inputs  Total: 8
Mic preamps: 4
XLR only jacks: 4
1/4" only jacks: 8
RCA (stereo pair): 1
Phantom power: Yes (+48V)
Analog outputs
Main XLR out: 2
Main 1/4" out: 2
Aux 1/4": 2
RCA (stereo pair): 1
Headphone: 1
Onboard effects

SRM-650 1600W 15 HD Powered Loudspeaker x2

Speaker configuration
Active/passive: Active
Type: 2-Way full range
LF driver: 15"
HF driver: 1"
Power amp (active)
Amplifier type: D Wattage: 800W RMS
Mixer/preamp: Yes
Power capacity (passive)
8 Ohms program/peak: N/A
4 Ohms program/peak: N/A
Frequency response: 50Hz - 17kHz
Coverage pattern: 90 x 50 Max SPL: 133 dB

Mackie SRM 450 cabinet Ver 2. 

x 2
2-way bi-amplified, optimized active system
Built-in FR Series 300 and 100-watt amps
Built-in precision 24dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley electronic crossover
12" long throw low-frequency transducer
High-output precision titanium compression driver
studio quality maximum dispersion horn design
High SPL output/extremely low distortion
Electronic time correction, phase alignment and equalization
Servo feedback controlled woofer

Mackie SRM450 Cabinet Ver 3 

x 2
1,000-watt Class D and AB power amps with 12" high-output LF driver and 1.4" titanium dome compression driver
Precision 2-way crossover, driver alignment and phase correction
Onboard feedback destroyer
2-channel mixer features XLR/TRS combination jacks and stereo RCA inputs

Smart Protect DSP component protection
Use for mains or stage monitoring
LF Driver Size: 12"
HF Driver Size: 1.4"
LF Driver Power Amp: 400-watt RMS, Class D
HF Driver Power Amp: 100-watt RMS, Class AB
Total Power: 500 watts (1,000-watt peak)
Frequency Range (-10dB): 42Hz-23kHz
Crossover Frequency: 3kHz
Maximum Peak SPL: 128dB SPL
Horizontal Coverage Angle: 90 Degrees
Vertical Coverage Angle: 45 Degrees
Mounting Options: Floor, Pole, Fly
Inputs: 2 x Combo (TRS/XLR), 1 x RCA
Outputs: 1 x XLR (Thru)

Macke SRM350 Cabinet  Ver 2. 

Two-way biamplified, optimized Active loudspeaker system
High-output, titanium dome compression driver
10" neodymium long-throw low-frequency transducer
165W class-D, Fast Recovery LF amp/30W HF amp
Ultrawide, smooth dispersion via HF waveguide
Built-in phase accurate 24dB Linkwitz-Riley electronic crossover
Electronic time correction, phase alignment and EQ for studio quality sound
Mic/line input and pass-thru connector
The little brother of the above cabinets…we typically use it for mid or rear stage monitors

Mackie SRM-1850 1600W 18" Powered Subwoofer

Speaker configuration
Active/passive: Active Type: Subwoofer
LF driver: 18"
Amplifier class: D
Wattage: 800W RMS, 1600W peak
Mixer/preamp: N/A
Frequency response: 35Hz - 150Hz
Max SPL: 132 dB
XLR: 2
XLR: 2 full range, 2 high pass

Audio Technica m4000s microphones x 8
Frequency response tailored for crystal-clear vocal reproduction
Unidirectional pattern for feedback rejection and focused pickup
All-metal design for years of trouble-free use
Element: Moving coil dynamic
Polar pattern: Unidirectional
Frequency Response: 70Hz ” 12.000Hz
Open Circuit Sensitivity: -52dB (2.5 mV)
Impedance: 500 Ohms
Switch: On/off
Output Connector: Integral 3 pin XLR M-type

4 VocoPro Wireless Microphone (mainly for use with Karaoke system)
4 handheld mics, each on their own independent UHF channel, 12-hour Mic battery life

Sure 7 piece PGA drum mike kit
PGA 52 kick drum; PGA 57 for snare;  (3) PGA 58 drum microphones (toms/high hat); (2) PGA 81 overhead condenser microphones

DI Boxes x 4

50” stage snake (8 channel)

 x 2

(one for drums; one for front of stage) to keep things tidy on stage

Boom Microphone stands x 8

HD Karaoke Streaming Karaoke Machine

Fishman Loudbox mini guitar amp

Channels: 1 instrument, 1 microphone
Instrument input: 1/4" (for active or passive pickups)
Microphone input: XLR for dynamic and self-powered condenser microphones
3-band instrument EQ: Low, mid, and high tone controls
2-band microphone EQ: Low and high tone controls
Auxiliary input: 1/4" and 1/8"
Direct output: Balanced mic-level XLR output
Effects: Digital reverb and chorus
Feedback suppression: Feedback-fighting phase switch
Instrument Channel:
1/4" input for active or passive pickups
Feedback-fighting Phase switch
3-band EQ: low, mid, high tone controls
Reverb level
Dual-function chorus
Microphone Channel:
XLR input for dynamic microphone
2-band EQ with low and high tone controls
Reverb level

Fishman Loudbox Artist guitar amp
Two mic/instrument channels accept 1/4 or XLR sources
Input channels feature 3-band EQ and feedback controls
Auxiliary stereo input with level control and 1/4 and 1/8 connectors
Dual digital effects section, with independent channel and effects level
Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Echo, and Slap Echo effects
Channel Mute to silence both input channels
Headphone output
Footswitch input for remote muting of input channels, or Chorus, Flanger, and Slap Echo effects
Instrument/Mic Channels
Combination 1/4 and XLR input
Resonant-style bass and midrange  Shelving treble
Notch filter (feedback control)
Input gain with 10 dB pad and clip indicator
Reverb and Delay effects level
Chorus, Flanger, and Slap Echo on/off
Phase switch (feedback control)
Dedicated effects loop
24-volt phantom power for condenser mics

Guitar Amp Stands x 2

Korg Triton 88 weighted key Keyboard
 built-in CD-R/W drive
 Polyphony -
Triton Studio & Extreme - 120 voices

 Tone Generator - HI synthesis system; 48 kHz sampling frequency, 32 Mbyte PCM ROM, 425 multi-samples + 413 drum samples
 Sound Source - 62 oscillators in single mode/ 31 voices, 62 oscillators in double mode. (60 and 30 osc. in Rack module)
 Sampler - 16 bit, 48 kHz stereo/mono sampling, 16 MB memory standard, expandable to 64 MB. Maximum of 1,000 multi-samples / 4,000 samples. Up to 128 samples can be assigned to a multi-sample. AIFF, WAVE, AKAI (S1000/S3000) and Trinity sample data can be loaded. (Triton cannot load Trinity format data from TFD-1S, TFD-2S, TFD-3S and TFD-4S , since they use data-compressed data.)
 Memory - 640 programs, 512 combinations, 64 drum programs, GM Level 2 - 256 programs + 9 drum set; External Floppy Disk Drive: 3.5 inch 2DD/2HD
 Effects - 102 (insert effects/ 89 for master effects); Stereo digital multi-effect system - 2 master effects (mono in, stereo out), 5 insert effects (stereo in / out), and 1 master EQ (stereo in / out) simultaneously
 Sequencer - 16 timbres, 16 tracks, 1/192 resolutions, 100 preset / 100 user pattern per a song, 200 songs, 20 cues, 200,000 notes, reads and writes Standard MIDI File (Format 0 and 1)
 Arpeggiator - RPPR (Realtime Pattern Play / Recording): 1 set with 72 patterns available per song; Arpeggiator: 5 preset patterns and 232 patterns (approx. 180 preset)
 Control - MIDI (16-part), PC-Host input

Tascam 24 track Portastudio Digital Recorder

Simultaneous 24 track (DP-24) or 32 track (DP-32) playback
8 mono tracks + 12 mono/stereo selectable tracks (DP-32)
12 mono tracks + 6 stereo tracks (DP-24)
Mounted TMSS (TASCAM Multi Stage Sampling rate converter) provides high-quality sampling rate conversion
Integrated 32/40-input mixer to mixdown the 24/32 playback tracks with the 8 inputs and for bouncing
Simultaneous 8 track recording
16 or 24 bit, 44.1 or 48 kHz recording
8 XLR/TRS combo connectors
Phantom power supply for all inputs
High-impedance input available (INPUT-H)
Stereo RCA pin-jack output
2 effect send outputs (1/4" TS jack)
70mW/ch headphone amplifier
Peak-hold function at a level meter of the LCD
Sub-frame editing
MIDI IN/OUT for sending MTC/MMC signal